Wedding Guidelines For St. Bernard’s 

Questions please call 259-4350 - parish office.

  1. Contact church and arrange date for wedding at least SIX MONTHS before the date. If already past the deadline, contact the pastor.
  2. Inform pastor immediately if either party was married before. We may have to seek annulment of previous marriage, which can take 9 – 12 months.
  3. One of the parties to be married must be a Baptized Catholic; the other party need not be Catholic but needs to know what marrying someone of the Catholic faith implies; they may choose to become a Catholic to strengthen the marriage.
  4. Weddings are celebrated Friday evenings, Saturday morning and afternoon until 3pm and Saturday evening at 7pm.
  5. Couples need to attend an Engaged Encounter weekend or meet 5 times with a sponsor couple, which the church will assign.
  6. Catholics must bring a recent copy of their baptism certificate (issued in the past 6 months from the church of baptism); someone baptized in another denomination needs to find out their baptism date, name and city of church.
  7. Engaged couples need to complete an inventory to facilitate communication & readiness of marriage, questionnaire takes 30 to 40 minutes.
  8. Financial fee paid to St. Bernard’s prior to wedding for building use and preparation is $300 for non members; $200 for active members – that is REGISTERED members at St. Bernard’s and attend Mass with us one year prior. Or $100 prep to be married in another church or city.
  9. Contact St. Bernard’s music director for availability, fees, music suggestions. If other musicians are utilized, please contact our music director for set up. NO taped music.
  10. Rehearsal takes place the evening prior at 5pm and takes 30 minutes.
  11. NO ALCOHOL at the church or church grounds, unless served at the reception to be held in our social hall. For hall rental contact the parish office.
  12. Photographers are NOT to move church furniture, altar, pulpit, and decorations. They must remain out of sight during the ceremony. Visit with the wedding assistance from the church.
  13. NO rice or birdseed. Rice is traditional, but bubbles are fun. If flower petals are dropped, PLEASE pick them up after the ceremony.
  14. White runner is optional. If you choose to purchase one our isle is 75 feet. 
  15. Dressing rooms are available in Daly Hall. It is your responsibility to tidy up the room after use, preferably before the ceremony begins. If the reception is held at St. Bernard’s this guideline is still in effect.
  16. Decorations on pews can be attached only with masking tape, furnished by the office. Decorations already in place for the environment of the church are NOT to be moved by you or the photographer.
  17. Candelabra’s are optional and may be rented from a florist. Please have drip less candles. You will also need to purchase a wedding candle for your unity candle. The 2 small candles need to be drip less.
  18. Marriage license is to be obtained from the Clerk of Court. Must pay in cash and cost is approximately $53. You will need your birth certificates. Please bring Marriage license to the rehearsal.
  19. A wedding assistant from the church will be on site at the rehearsal and day of the wedding to assist the wedding party.