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Kampala, Uganda, Nov 28, 2015 / 12:52 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Marking his first full day in Uganda with Mass to celebrate the nation’s martyrs, Pope Francis said the call to be missionary disciples falls on all of us, whether at home or abroad, with our families or among our enemies.

“Like the Apostles and the Uganda martyrs before us, we have received the gift of the Holy Spirit to become missionary disciples called to go forth and bring the Gospel to all,” the Pope said Nov. 28, presiding over Mass at Catholic Shrine of the Martyrs of Namugongo.

“If, like the martyrs, we daily fan into flame the gift of the Spirit who dwells in our hearts, then we will surely become the missionary disciples which Christ calls us to be.”

Throughout his homily, the Pope reflected on how those who nurture the Holy Spirit in their lives desire to share what they have received with others.

“This openness to others begins first in the family, in our homes where charity and forgiveness are learned, and the mercy and love of God made known in our parents’ love. It finds expression too in our care for the elderly and the poor, the widowed and the orphaned.”

The Pope added that this openness extends not only to our loved ones, but to our enemies as well.  

“To our families and friends certainly, but also to those whom we do not know, especially those who might be unfriendly, even hostile, to us.”

Uganda is the second country in Pope Francis’ tri-nation African tour from Nov. 25-30. The Pope began his trip with a stop in Kenya, and will conclude the journey with a visit  to the Central African Republic.

Pope Francis’ Nov. 27-28 trip to Uganda comes one year on from the 50th anniversary of the canonization of the Uganda Martyrs.

Saint Charles Lwanga and his 21 companions were killed by the king in the 1880s, alongside 23 Anglican converts to Christianity for refusing to recant their faith. They were canonized Oct. 18, 1964, by Bl. Pope Paul VI in St. Peter's Basilica.

Pope Francis praised the martyrs’ witness of love for Christ and the Church as having gone “to the end of the earth,” as well as the sacrifice of the Anglican martyrs, which he said testified to Christ through the “ecumenism of blood.”

“All these witnesses nurtured the gift of the Holy Spirit in their lives and freely gave testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ, even at the cost of their lives, many at such a young age.”

This “gift of the Spirit” which we also received in Baptism to make us God’s children brings with it the call to be witnesses of Jesus “and make him everywhere known and loved,” the Pope said.

“Every day we are called to deepen the Holy Spirit’s presence in our life, to ‘fan into flame’ the gift of his divine love so that we may be a source of wisdom and strength to others.”

Pope Francis stressed that the gift of the Holy Spirit is not for ourselves alone, but is meant to be shared.

“We do not receive the gift of the Spirit for ourselves alone, but to build up one another in faith, hope and love.”

The Pope considered the example of Saints Joseph Mkasa and Charles Lwanga who, having been catechized by others, wanted to share what they received. In doing this, they risked their lives, and the lives of the young boys under their care.

“Because they had tended to their faith and deepened their love of God, they were fearless in bringing Christ to others, even at the cost of their lives.

“Their faith became witness; today, venerated as martyrs, their example continues to inspire people throughout the world. They continue to proclaim Jesus Christ and the power of his Cross.”

Pope Francis challenged us to be witnesses to Christ to everyone: our families, strangers, and even those who are “hostile to us.”

The martyrs’ witness shows that worldly pleasure and power “do not bring lasting joy,” the Pope said.

“Rather, fidelity to God, honesty and integrity of life, and genuine concern for the good of others bring us that peace which the world cannot give,” he said.

“This does not diminish our concern for this world, as if we only look to the life to come,” he added.

“Instead, it gives purpose to our lives in this world, and helps us to reach out to those in need, to cooperate with others for the common good, and to build a more just society which promotes human dignity, defends God’s gift of life and protects the wonders of nature, his creation and our common home.”

Pope Francis concluded by calling for the intercession of the martyrs and Mary, to enkindle the Holy Spirit within us.

“This legacy is not served by an occasional remembrance, or by being enshrined in a museum as a precious jewel,” he said.

“Rather, we honour them, and all the saints, when we carry on their witness to Christ, in our homes and neighbourhoods, in our workplaces and civil society, whether we never leave our homes or we go to the farthest corner of the world.”


Munyonyo, Uganda, Nov 27, 2015 / 10:53 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Speaking with catechists and teachers in Uganda, Pope Francis on Friday offered encouragement and stressed that witnessing the faith is critical for the growth of the Church.   “Even when the task seems too much, the resources too few, the obstacles too great, it should never be forgotten that yours is a holy work,” he said.   “The Holy Spirit is present wherever the name of Christ is proclaimed. He is in our midst whenever we lift up our hearts and minds to God in prayer. He will give you the light and strength you need!”    Pope Francis arrived in Uganda Nov. 27 as part of a larger African tour. He had previously been visiting Kenya and will next go to the Central African Republic.    His visit to Uganda comes just after the 50th anniversary of the canonization of the Uganda Martyrs.   Saint Charles Lwanga and his 21 companions were killed by the king in the 1880s alongside 23 Anglican converts to Christianity for refusing to recant their faith, and were canonized Oct. 18, 1964, by Bl. Pope Paul VI in St. Peter's Basilica.   Speaking to the catechists gathered before him, Pope Francis commented on what it means to be a teacher of the Christian faith.   “'Teacher!' What a beautiful name this is! Jesus is our first and greatest teacher,” the Pope reflected. “Saint Paul tells us that Jesus gave his Church not only apostles and pastors, but also teachers, to build up the whole body in faith and love.”   “Together with the bishops, priests and deacons who are ordained to preach the Gospel and care for the Lord’s flock, you, as catechists, play an outstanding part in bringing the Good News to every village and homestead in your country,” he said.   Pope Francis thanked the teachers and catechists for their sacrifices, zeal and devotion.   “Thank you for your dedication, your example, your closeness to God’s people in their daily lives, and all the many ways you plant and nurture the seeds of faith throughout this vast land,” he continued. “Thank you especially for teaching our children and young people how to pray. I know that your work, although rewarding, is not easy.”   The Pope called for bishops and priests to support their local catechists with doctrinal, spiritual and pastoral formation, helping them to persevere and be more effective in their witness.    He stressed the importance of the job of catechesis, saying, “You teach what Jesus taught, you instruct adults and help parents to raise their children in the faith, and you bring the joy and hope of eternal life to all.”    In addition, he called on the teachers to offer an example of prayer, forgiveness and Eucharist.   “The message you bring will take root all the more firmly in people’s hearts if you are not only a teacher but also a witness,” he said.   It was the faithful witness of the Ugandan martyrs that helped the Christian community in the nation to flourish, the Pope observed.    “They testified to the truth which sets men free; they were willing to shed their blood to be faithful to what they knew was good and beautiful and true.”    While the king was determined to wipe out the Christians, he failed and “(a)fter seeing the fearless testimony of Saint Andrew Kaggwa and his companions, Christians in Uganda became even more convinced of Christ’s promises.”    Pope Francis concluded his remarks by asking for the intercession of the Ugandan martyrs and encouraging the catechists to offer a grace-filled witness of God’s truth and joy.    “Go forth without fear to every town and village in this country, to spread the good seed of God’s word, and trust in his promise that you will come back rejoicing, with sheaves full from the harvest,” he said.   


11/27/2015 11:00:00 PM
On November 28, the Church honors St. Catherine Labouré, the humble Daughter of Charity to whom Mary appeared, requesting that the Miraculous Medal be stamped so that all who wear it would receive great graces. Saint Catherine Labouré was born in France on May 2, 1806. She was the ninth of 11 children. Upon her mother’s death, when Catherine was eight years old, the young girl assumed the responsibilities of the household. It was said of her that she was a very quiet and practical child. Eventually she became a Daughter of Charity, and when she was still a novice at the age of 24, the Virgin Mary appeared to her for the first time. Later, Mary appeared once again and requested that Catherine have a medal made portraying Mary just as she appeared. It took two years before Catherine was able to convince her spiritual director to have the medal created, but eventually, he listened to her and 2,000 medals were made. Their dispersal was so rapid and effective that it was said to be miraculous itself. After the visions ceased, St. Catherine Labouré spent the rest of her life in humble and obedient service as the portress, and worked with the sick in a convent outside of Paris. She spent that time in silence, not telling her superior that she was the one to whom Mary appeared and gave the medal until 45 years after.She died in Paris on December 31, 1876 and was canonized in 1947 by Pope Pius XII. Her incorrupt body lies in the crypt of the convent.

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