Middle School Youth Group:  Grades 5-8  - Tuesdays 7 - 8:30pm


The goal of the youth groups is to provide the youth of the parish a fun faith-filled environment that will help each person grow in their relationship with God.  We meet every week, year round in the youth room and focus in on the areas of catechesis, spirituality, social justice, and building community.  We also offer many retreat opportunities and social activities to keep the youth busy such as Search, Legendary Lodge, Bible study, worship nights, book club, ski trips, broom hockey, rafting, folf, camping, caving, lock-ins, and much much more!  Don’t miss out and if you have any questions please contact Brian Shea at brians@stbernardblgs.org.

January 12 - Habits and Holiness - We will start off the new year talking about resolutions, habits, and holiness.  We will also be having an indoor kickball tournament!

January 19 - Mission Church - This week we will be learning about the missions, monasteries, and many other interesting facts about the Church in the Middle Ages.  Our game this week is Rollick!

January 26 - Ultimate Bingo - Come join us for a fun night of Ultimate Bingo!  There will be plenty of snacks and lots of prizes.

February 2 - Worship Night - Tonight we be a relaxing night of prayer and music.  We will also be playing Lord of the Lemurs for our game.

February 9 - Who Am I - This week we will be talking about who God created us to be and God’s plan for us.  Our game for the week will be Pac-Man.

February 16 - Lent - We will start off the Lenten season with a night on Lent and plenty of board games afterwards.

February 23 - Reformation - We will continue our series on Church history with a night on the Reformation and the Council of Trent.  We will be playing Angry Birds for our game this week.

March 2 - Jesus - Tonight we will be taking an in-depth look at Jesus and having a chariot races tournament.

March 9 - No Youth Group - We will take a quick one week break as most of Billings has spring break.  I hope to see you all back next week!

March 16 - Miracles - This week we will take a look at Jesus’s miracles and playing a lot of different games like the stare game, cups, butts up, and lots more.

March 23 - Parables - Tonight we will be running some different Bible studies on the parables of the Bible.  Our game for the week will be Quidditch.  

March 30 - Crucifixion - For Holy Week we will be talking about the Passion of Christ and the events that led up to Jesus’s death.  We will be having a spoons tournament for our game this week.

April 6 - Finger Rockets - Come join us for fun night of Finger Rockets and prayer.

April 13 - Current Events - This week we will be discussing the many different current events that are happening throughout the world and playing dodgeball.

April 20 - Vatican II - We will finish up our Church history series with a night about Vatican II and the modern Church era.  We will be playing Rock, Paper, Scissors and Elimination for our games this week.

April 27 - Prayer - Tonight we will be focusing in on the importance of prayer and playing Sabakiball for our game.

May 4 - Senior Night - Don’t miss this night as the graduating seniors will be running the whole night from prayer, talks, and our game.

May 11 - World Records Night - This week we will be talking about becoming our best selves and trying to break many different world records.

May 18 - Worship Night - We will close out the year with a prayer and worship night.  These are always great nights of being in God’s presence and offering up our prayers.  Our game for the week will be Tchoukball.

May 25 - End of the Year Party - Join us for a BBQ and many different games and activities.


If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 259-4350 or email me at brians@stbernardblgs.org. Also, youth and parents can join our middle school Remind texts to receive texts about what is going on in youth group. All you need to do is text @fbf29h to the number 81010